Hunting Small and Large Game

Deer Hunting

Primitive Hunter, Gatherer

Humans have been creatures of opportunity throughout our history, whether they were hunting small or large game or picking berries and nuts. It’s in our DNA and is likely the most important trait resulting in our world dominance.

Perhaps the most beneficial example of our willingness to accept opportunity where it presents itself is when it comes to the food we eat. Long before Atkins, Keto or Vegan, people ate whatever they found on the landscape. Think of it as shopping the outer aisles of the supermarket, except without walls and freezer cases.

Our ancestors didn’t waste anything. They were not “Trophy Hunters.” (Keep reading for more on Trophy Hunters) When they killed something they ate all the parts that were edible and used all the parts that were usable. This applied to plants and animals. Today we simply have more opportunities spanning a wider array of choices. Continue reading “Hunting Small and Large Game”

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If you are here you more than likely are either curious about homestead life. Or hopefully, you are already on the path to living your homestead dream.

Either way, you’re probably wondering how you’ll ever have time to do all the things you need to do in order to support a homestead.

On this page, we will explore ways to be more efficient with our resources including time and materials. We’ll cover a variety of topics:

Some posts will be about our own experiences, both successes, and failures. Other times we’ll examine other operations and discuss lessons learned.

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