AeroGarden Review

Christmas Gift

We received this AeroGarden as a Christmas gift last year and didn’t really think about putting it up until spring. So in March when we were getting the garden itch we got it out and set it up on the kitchen window sill. It was only about a week before the sprouts started. At first, the Dill took off ahead of the pack and the Curly Parsley was the last to sprout. As you can see in the video everything is doing amazing and we are in desperate need of finding the time to cut and dry these herbs for later use.

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The Efficient Homestead Podcast


The Efficient Homestead Podcast

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Welcome Fellow Homesteaders!

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If you are here you more than likely are either curious about homestead life. Or hopefully, you are already on the path to living your homestead dream.

Either way, you’re probably wondering how you’ll ever have time to do all the things you need to do in order to support a homestead.

On this page, we will explore ways to be more efficient with our resources including time and materials. We’ll cover a variety of topics:

Some posts will be about our own experiences, both successes, and failures. Other times we’ll examine other operations and discuss lessons learned.

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