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Homestead Day Dreams

To shop Lehman’s using our affiliate link click HERE!

Years ago, as I poured over Self Reliance books and Homestead catalogs I never dreamed that I would have the opportunity to be a homestead affiliate partner with the publisher of one of my favorites, Lehman’s.

If you’ve never visited Lehman’s website or perused one of their catalogs you, my friend, are missing out! Their physical store is located in Amish country in Ohio but you can learn all about their story at this LINK.

They offer all kinds of homestead supplies ranging from Birdhouses to Plows to Cast Iron Cookware and Homestead Books galore! You can visit them on the web or request a digital or paper copy of their catalog here.

So please, go check out their store. They have some unusual stuff and I’m sure you’ll enjoy the visit!

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